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Lawn Renovations- Core Aeration and Overseeding time!

Posted on August 18, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (211)
Dear Customers,
       With round 4 now in the books it is time to focus on the lawn renovations and monitor for insect damage. Elite Turf Care offers Core aeration(one way and two way), Over seeding, Slice seeding, Top dressing, De-thatching as well as many other ways to improve your lawn.
                   Benefits of our lawn renovation services:
Core Aeration
  • Loosens up the compacted soil
  • Increase the availability of water and nutrients
  • Reduces water run off
  • Improve fertilizer uptake
  • Improves the overall health o the lawn
Over Seeding
  • Makes your lawn thicker
  • Improves Color
  • Can provide resistance to drought and disease
  • Remove dead grass
  • Encourage new root growth, too much thatch can suffocate healthy grass
Top Dressing
  • Adds a thin layer of loam in areas of sandy and or rocky soil, that will allow better grass germination in areas of severe damage
Lime with Core Aeration/Over seeding
  • Encourages greater results with seed germination
  • Raises Ph level in soil
  • Helps develop a lush thick lawn that can handle the winter weather
  • Helps lawn absorb nutrients and fertilizer
If you are interested in receiving a free quote for a lawn renovation please contact us at 978 537 4912 or [email protected] We are offering 50% off a fall lime application if you book a lawn renovation by September 15th, 2013.