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Grub Control

Posted on June 11, 2013 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (67)
Dear Customers,
With Rounds 1 and 2 just about in the books it is now time for the round 3 grub control applications to begin. Our round 3 applications for our NON ORGANIC customers, consist of Granular Merit Grub Control(24-0-8). It is very important for this product to water in within 48 hours of being applied to your lawn and all round 3's will be completed by July 15th, to give your lawn the best possible results in avoiding grub issues in the future. If this product is not watered in, we cannot guarantee the results.
It is very important that the grub control application is completed in a specific time frame. Grubs are the larvae stage of the Japanese beetle and in August or early September depending on weather, the female Japanese beetle will fly down and lays her eggs in your lawn. The most desired location for a Japanese Beetles to lay their eggs is any sunny and hilled area of your lawn. You can prevent grubs during the season with proper watering throughout and preventative treatments.
(Grub Damage)
Elite Turf Care is also offering new customers 10% off grub control treatments now until July 10th, 2013.(Make sure you mention you saw this deal on our blog)
Elite Turf Care
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